Music Production

So you think you want to produce music? See if this video bores you to tears or excites you, okay? I think every musician should know a little bit about production for lots of reasons. It’s the production side of things that makes you sound good in the front of the house where the audience is sitting, right? Even if you do your own set up, like lots of bands do, you should totally know how to go about this.

And, you never know when inspiration and magic will come together with blood, sweat and tears to create your “stairway to heaven” or your “freebird” or your what have you, right? Isn’t that the ultimate goal? Don’t you want to be able to capture it? Production baby!

Please lots of folks just want to go the next level and produce others or own their own studio. If that’s you, this is the place to be. Check out the other posts on this page to learn all about it.

hey guys today I’m going to show you 10 mistakes that producers often make and these are also mistakes that I have been making in the past and now that I figured them out I can show them to you. This is going to be for more advanced guys.

The first mistake that I see producers make is producing without having a strong musical idea or getting stuck with one loop. Here’s what I mean by this. Most producers start working on a track in arrangement view. There is no find a loop that they like that would be for example this long then they loop this loop sounds okay but you have still no idea how to develop it into a whole track.

To combat this problem I like to start making the track in session view instead of in the arrangement. That is because I can switch easily between clips that I make. I can show you what my process at the beginning of making the track looks like so at the beginning I start with making a lot of clips with melodies and chord progressions like this.

I have just a few tracks the most important tracks that I always use in the track like a lead a bass drums guitar and that kind of stuff. Then I like to combine different ideas together by for example playing this clip this piano clip with this guitar clip with this lead synth clip.

I see what works and what doesn’t work then I try to arrange all these ideas in session view. Here I have my verse, my pre drop section, my drop section and so on and when I…

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