Music Business

What do you need to know about the business of music? Well this video brings that home in a big way.

I’m an associate professor in the college of arts and media particularly in the music and entertainment industry Studies department where I teach classes in music marketing. The class could be labeled the future of the music business and I oversee the internships as well.

One piece of advice I would offer in terms of finding these folks is that you should use a lot of time networking and talking to other artists particularly those who might sound like you or or have sort of the same audience as you and particularly an artist that you see that seems to be running things very well and have a manager.

There’s a correlation probably there and literally just ask them who’s managing you and their manager may have their plateful already but these folks network with each other and they can let you know of a person who might be looking for an act like you. So the short answer is yes they’re out here and there’s some great ones and that’s how I think you should pursue them.

What are the most important things artists who are starting out today need to know about the music industry well I would I could I could go on and on about it with an answer to that question but one thing I would say that’s very important is sort of a good-news bad-news sort of response the good news is your destiny is in your own hands. You can do so much now yourself. The bad news is your destiny is in your own hands. You can do so much more yourself now so what I mean is that having all this these tools available to you through the internet to promote your music to connect with people to to network online are available to you…

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